ANUREX 16 Power points— why you should use Anurex?
  1. Anurex is Self home treatment - simple as taking your own temperature no mess or staining
  2. Anurex is always available and as close as your refrigerator
  3. Anurex offers 100% drug-free treatment with no side effects or allergic reactions — save for everybody to use it
  4. Anurex works on both Internal — External hemorrhoids and associated hemorrhoid conditions
  5. Anurex can be used over and over again daily as needed and for up to six months from the first day of use-that makes Anurex more economical then any other over the counter products. Multiple use-whenever needed
  6. No other treatment needed during Anurex therapy — it is only suggested to improve your diet and more healthy life style and for your better health and faster recovery
  7. Anurex treatment uses controlled cold to bring rapid relief from pain, itching ,burning and bleeding. Anurex treatment gets to the core of the problem.
  8. Anurex soothes and shrinks swollen tissues and facilitates healing process
  9. Suggested - only alternative for pregnant woman — drug free — no creams, ointments, preparations therefore save to use.
  10. Anurex is very practical and helpful in PRE-POST Surgery-Anurex treatment- excellent preparation before surgery and fast recovery after the surgery.
  11. When used as instructed facilitates healing process ,fast recovery and therefore may eliminate need for surgery
  12. Works where other OTC products do not
  13. Recommended by Doctors , Pharmacists and Satisfied users
  14. Worldwide Clinical Studies show significant effectiveness —improvement in over 90% of Patients
  15. Anurex — medical device is the first and ORIGINAL cryotherapy treatment developed in the USA in 1984 and obtaining utility patent in July,04,1989
  16. Anurex complies with all HEALTH REGULATORY and QUALITY STANARDS for medical devices and in the most of the world countries. Anurex was submitted for safety approval to FDA and received registration in August,18,1986.
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    DISCLAIMER —all statements herein were made and assigned only and specifically to ANUREX —registered medical device and according to performed Clinical Study’s, Doctor Opinions and user testimonials! It is always recommended to diagnose the problem first by your specialist and follow his advice!


    "You have nothing to lose, but your pain and suffering"