Hemorrhoids condition before surgery

Certain preparations has to be made before surgery and in order to perform surgery. The whole area is extremely swollen, painful and usually associated with bleeding. Therefore there is a need of treatment for Pre-Proctological Surgery.

ANUREX — the only alternative treatment before surgery

PRE-PROCTOLOGICAL SURGERY — Anurex has been found very useful treatment in preparation for surgery of different hemorrhoid traumas. In particular Anurex has beneficial effects on reducing pain , edema and contracture. Anurex treatment facilitates, pre-condition where surgery can be performed. This is possible because of Anurex controlled cold treatment and being a drug —free treatment! Anurex treatment reduces pain , swelling and bleeding that are crucial factors in preparation for surgery.

  ✱✱✱Anurex — the only alternative treatment after surgery

POST - PROCTOLGICAL SURGERY — Patient after the surgery will experience huge pain and discomfort in the area and that can be very painful and irritating. In this case Anurex is excellent treatment for analgesic and anti-edematous post surgical treatment because facilitates controlled cold without use of any drugs or medications that in turn reduces the pain, discomfort and assists in faster healing process. Anurex was also found very helpful (during clinical studies) in post operative treatment for excision of warts, anal lesions, fissures and fistulas.

✱✱✱✱Why Anurex treatment may eliminate need for painful surgery ?

Once hemorrhoids problem is properly diagnosed and spotted in its early stages there is a possibility for alternative treatment that may eliminate hemorrhoid problems and need for surgery. First of all change of diet is the prime factor. Home treatments, which mainly involve establishing healthy bowel habits may keep your hemorrhoids from getting worse. Equally Natural treatment using Anurex can be administered and when used properly as directed does eliminate all hemorrhoid symptoms, facilitates healing process leading to full recovery and finally eliminates need for painful surgery.

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